Is it coincidence that this morning I looked at my bare feet, amazed at how the bright pink nail varnish that I had applied in Ubud almost two months ago was still there – reminding me daily of the warm love of Bali.

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Ice cream and fruit salad.

A dear friend of mine discovered that her ex, who had been keeping in touch for booty calls, was in fact out and about with another girl, she decided to tell him he was a dirt bag, not good for her and had blocked his number.  We messaged…

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It pays to read the brief!

I’ve been using my commute over the past two days to write a piece for submission into a competition.  It’s the first time I have ever, EVER been compelled to do something like this, but I knew in an instant what I would write.

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One of my true loves.

The deep burble vibrated up through my feet, whizzed round the pit of my stomach and caught my heart. Oh how I love that sound, that feeling, it stops me in my tracks, it makes me catch my breath.

They were near – out of sight, but so near I could feel them.

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Today is the right day.

Today is the right day.
Today is the right day.

Now is the right time

Carpe diem

Do it now, sometimes ‘later’ becomes ‘never’

Do not put it off. Do not give yourself excuses. Just do it now

A year from now you will wish you had started today

What’s stopping you?  That’s right, nothing

and so it happened that I wrote my very first blog.

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