Hello :o)

I’m Lorraine, yes, that’s me over there in the pictures. I’m a lover of nature, the great outdoors, our planet, of life and love. To me, there is nothing more important than loving and life.img_1497

I suppose I am the output of an eclectic lifetime mix of a mud and sand cake making, dresses and wellington boots, indoor tent making, daisy chain maker, crazy paving creator, tucked away in the corner reading, baking, experimenting or peddling my bicycle or swimming lengths childhood; once societal follower, no insurance adrenaline sport junkie, diy expert, pinstripe tailored pencil skirt suit wearing, corporate lifestyle, jet setting, high heels, cocktails, friends, laughter, broken hearted, damaged, been to the white light, flat-lined, continually self healing, rain dancing, sun worshipper, bare footed floaty dress, adventure loving, yogi traveller who ultimately believes in dreams coming true and above everything else, love.

I am intent on following my dream to write. I’d like to somehow bring my corporate and life experiences together, to help us demonstrate our love to ourselves, each other and our planet

‘The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.’ – Moulin Rouge


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