Richmond Park

I’ve been inspired to write about the idyllic London bliss that is Richmond Park for a while, but this morning, oh this morning!

I woke, everything seemed muffled, softer sounding and brighter. I knew that ‘awful’ Beast from the East had returned while we were sleeping Continue reading “Richmond Park”

From couch to Cycle Superhighway

Today we had planned to go for a 10km run – now I am no runner and would massively struggle with that, but I was willing to give it a shot to support my friend who is visiting and in training for a quarter iron man and regular triathlons.

Then she uttered words that were music to my ears ‘I wonder, would you fancy a bike ride today instead?’ Continue reading “From couch to Cycle Superhighway”

Toughen up and be gentle.

We all know how it is, depending on how we feel, we are attracted to (and of course attract to ourselves) people, sayings and situations that reflect or support our mood. Does that one isolated day or emotion depict your whole self or more so, your aspirations for your whole self? Probably not! Continue reading “Toughen up and be gentle.”

The basics.

The bemo (a small minibus with somehow enough space to supposedly seat twelve adults and with enough character to run its own comedy night) turned through the contrast of grey concrete decorated with colour and chaos of the city streets. Twisting and turning, leaving behind the concrete structures, moped and vehicle pollution and instead moving forwards as the view opened up into the fresh air of the countryside and bamboo structures ahead.

Continue reading “The basics.”

Expensive gifts and true love.

About ten years ago, a dear friend presented me with a beautifully delicate ceramic heart on a thin piece of golden thread. The heart was inscribed with the typeface ‘I am waiting for true love, but will accept expensive gifts in the interim’

Continue reading “Expensive gifts and true love.”

The most precious thing.

It was coy, quiet, barely audible, a whisper.

Can I be heard?

‘Hello, hi’

It’s good to see you again, thank you for this opportunity, I so would like to make up for lost time, but I need to make time to apply the lessons you have taught me, everything I’ve been willing and not so willing to learn from you. I’ve been learning, you’ve helped me.

Continue reading “The most precious thing.”

Can you hear the electricity?

You’re standing on a train station platform, waiting. Then you hear it, that poooing poooing sound shooting along the metal tracks, the hum of some 1,500 volts powering past just before the train comes into the station.

Continue reading “Can you hear the electricity?”

A little life lesson

😯 the ‘oh sh*t, I’m sorry’ face.

I was just out on my bicycle, wearing a hideously fluorescent yellow jacket and of course a helmet. I was merrily peddling along as a woman pulled out of a junction and immediately made the 😯 face at me.

Continue reading “A little life lesson”

Welcome back to the real world.

Welcome back to the real world

I have heard this a lot in the two weeks that I have returned from Bali.

Welcome back to…
A world dominated by a consistent reminder that we should seek more from our lives, more technology, more belongings, more clothes, more bling, a pressure to spend money and therefore an implied pressure to have more money.

Continue reading “Welcome back to the real world.”

My new PTSD challenge.

It has gone 2am on Day 7 of my #22kill #22pushupchallenge and I’m taking the day off, for yesterday presented me with a new PTSD challenge and I need to restock.
My bicycle accident and brush with death was just over seven and half years ago and it was just over five years ago I was diagnosed with PTSD and then went on to see a counsellor. Since then I’ve been ticking along mostly just fine,

Continue reading “My new PTSD challenge.”

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