A little life lesson

😯 the ‘oh sh*t, I’m sorry’ face.

I was just out on my bicycle, wearing a hideously fluorescent yellow jacket and of course a helmet. I was merrily peddling along as a woman pulled out of a junction and immediately made the 😯 face at me.

Texting with her mobile phone in her right hand and cigarette balanced in her left hand – driver’s window open. Here she was making a right hand turn, with little regard to her actions and the impact they could have had on my life, her life and both our families and friends lives.This is a little life lesson. They have a habit of keep presenting themselves until we learn the lesson. Quite possibly becoming more serious each time, for if the minor ‘phew, no one was hurt’ lesson didn’t sink in, will the ‘oh, at least it wasn’t serious’ lesson sink in, or perhaps it needs the ‘I don’t know what happened, this is too much to comprehend’ lesson before it sinks in? When your own life and lives of those around you are impacted, we often still, unfortunately don’t learn the lesson.
I’ve learnt that no matter how visible I make myself when cycling or running, there are still people refusing to acknowledge that their actions can seriously impact lives – including their own, so I always need to be vigilant and alert.

For her, I hope it’s a little shock life lesson that may discourage her from texting while driving. For you, I hope it does the same. Let’s not be complacent with the value of our own lives and lives of others. Our actions always have an impact, let them be positive.





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