Welcome back to the real world.

Welcome back to the real world

I have heard this a lot in the two weeks that I have returned from Bali.

Welcome back to…
A world dominated by a consistent reminder that we should seek more from our lives, more technology, more belongings, more clothes, more bling, a pressure to spend money and therefore an implied pressure to have more money.

Where appearances and personalities are judged, magazine covers, online news, billboard posters, adverts – we hear and discuss about the importance of not being judged, but most things around us are not helping. Where we are being given more and more opportunity to be constantly doing something, always be connected, always be answerable to someone or something. Even the January sales now start online on Christmas Day!

Road rage, miserable faces trudging along the streets, cursing out loud if they are bumped into, arguments in the street, arguments on the television life imitating art or art imitating life?

We aspire to a life filled with love, we long for more time with our loved ones, we share images and videos of years gone by ‘the good old times’, we wish each other lots of love, we say ‘as long as it makes you happy’ but the underlying message is one of disapproval.

Where ‘grow up’ doesn’t imply act more maturely and be responsible for your actions, but to give up on your dreams. Where we look for excuses to run about in the snow, splash about in the water, roll down hills, play! Why? We can still have fun as adults, just because we are older doesn’t mean we should stop having fun, but a caveat on that is that having fun isn’t an excuse for being irresponsible.

Where our personal health is the responsibility of doctors and a public healthcare system. A fantastic service that gets blamed for tardiness and waiting lists. Where if we took responsibility for our health through preventative measures through what we eat, drink and how we lead our lives, we wouldn’t be a nation that expects to continue living life as carelessly as many of us do, without acknowledging that sometimes there are repercussions to our actions.

I’d like to welcome you all back to the real world where…

People understand the value of life and of course love. Where if you are not happy with something, work to change it. It can not and will not change unless you do something differently. Where people smile at each other, engage in meaningful conversation and are genuinely inspired to help each other achieve their dreams. Where we learn from each other, where you take time to consider these lessons when you find yourself in a situation in which these lessons could be applied. Where you see potential in people and where you can, help nurture it.

Where you take time for yourself, time to stop, recognise who you are and what you want, to recharge your batteries, to take time out from the constant go go go. Where you take responsibility for your actions and realise that your decisions are paving the road to your future, making sure that hard work is towards the life you aspire to, dream of. Where your happiness is the true measure of success. Where you live surrounded by love and happiness.

This isn’t a fantasy world, it was very real in Bali and I believe in other nations around the world, but somehow in the main, we in the west need reminding that words have meanings, sometimes they make us feel amazing and perfect and other times, they hurt. We need reminding that we are responsible for our decisions and lives.

Ultimately across the world we all aspire to the magic that is brought by happiness and being loved unconditionally.

Let’s make 2015 a year where we take time for ourselves, for each other, where we recognise what our decisions may mean and appreciate the true value of life.

Wishing you all much love and happiness.



** I wrote this on 31 December 2014 having recently returned from 2 months in Bali, a friend recently reminded me of the above note I had posted to Facebook, it was a good kick up the backside and he encouraged me to add it to my blog, so here it is. **

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